Pure Water Window Cleaning

Wise Window Cleaning also clean windows and solar panels using what in the industry is called a Water Fed Pole/Brush system.



Unger’s HiFlo nLite System consists of a 2 stage water treatment system and carbon fibre telescopic poles to deliver 100% pure graded water to the window or facade surface.  The treatment process utilises a mixed bed of de-mineralising resin to produce DI (de-ionized) Water.  As no chemicals or detergents are used, the process is environmentally friendly.

In an effort to combat increasing restrictions regarding the use of ladders, Wise Window Cleaning are happy to be using a mobile water treatment system for use with Unger’s water-fed poles. With this system we can reach up to 55ft (16m) or 5 Storeys high!!

Not only is it safer then conventional methods it is also more cost effective as there may not be a need for Hiring of Boom/Scissor Lifts or Traffic Management.

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