Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaners use water and compressed air to create a powerful stream of water that can be used to remove dirt, grime, fungus, algae, etc. from difficult outdoor surfaces. Pressure cleaners have the ability to get into cracks and crevices that otherwise may be impossible to get into. Because it is just water, the stream created by pressure washers is safe to inhale or come in contact with. The extreme pressure of the water created by the compressed air lets the water do all the work, while the user merely needs to point the water on the surface that needs cleaning. Although most people have their own pressure cleaner at home now for those easy everyday jobs; Wise Window Cleaning use an industry standard pressure cleaner. This allows us to achieve better results in much shorter time and you would be surprised to find that hiring someone to pressure clean is not that expensive especially when the alternatives may be replacement or painting. Regular maintenance through pressure cleaning can help extend the life of your outdoor areas or even furniture. Keep it all in good clean order  by calling us today for a quote.Pressure1

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